Ron Merchant
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Macalester College
2008 - 2009 Art Exhibit and Lecture Series
In the News
Breathing Space: Lakes and Streets
In thirty five new works, Ron Merchant examines the openness of breath, looking through the calm of our lakes
and the hustle of our streets.

Imagined panoramic large scale scenes of Minnesota lakes recreate an environmental experience of freshness
and serenity. Swans, boats, water and islands populate the oil paintings and invite the viewer to relax and breathe.

Striking a balance between the pastoral peacefulness of Minnesota lakes and the metropolitan canyons,
Merchant uses his paint brush to zoom in and out of the cityscape. Birds-eye views and movie-like montages
reveal a lightness in the heart of the city.
Charity, Hope and Faith: 9" x 7" each, acrylic on paper
Bus Crossing, 20" x 16", oil on canvas
Merchant Retires as Gallery Director
After five busy years as Gallery Director at the
Robbin Gallery in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, Ron
is retiring. He is cutting back on many
time-consuming duties to be able to focus more
on creating art. He will stay on as a member and
as the gallery's webmaster.
Health Partners Invests in Local Art
Health Partners has chosen a three panel series of paintings from local artist,
Ron Merchant, for their newly remodeled Riverside Clinic. The paintings are
from Ron's Lake Series scenes of imagined Minnesota lakes. Two of the
paintings were already completed when the decision was made and the third
Lake Series: Triplets, was commissioned to complete the installation.
Paintings from the Lake Series were also featured at the
Breathing Space: Lakes and Streets
exhibition in May, 2009, at
the Robbin Gallery.
Lake Series: Triplets, 36" x 48"                         Lake Series: Swans, 36" x 36"         Lake Series: One Brother, 36" x 48"
May 6 through May 30, 2009.   Robbin Gallery
Street Series:
Vapors,  Steam Heat,  Man & God,  Traffic Stop
each oil on canvas, 48" x 36"
On display through August, 2009

Working extensively with healthcare
organizations, Merchant strives to
enhance the relationship between
health and art.
This series of works and the panel
discussion with Dr. Rob Bruley, M.D.,
The Bruley Center, and Vicki Hovde,
Dorsey-Hovde ArtDesign are part of the
growing evidence based design
movement to create a healthier
through art.

The Art & Health Panel Discussion
explores art's personal healing,
meditative and calming effects when
introduced into
healthcare and corporate environments.
After a hectic year in 2013, Ron is refocusing on the creation of art and will be limiting his participation
in group exhibits as he prepares for 2014. He continues to work with art consultants and teaches
through his studio in Minneapolis. Ron can be reached through the
Contact Us page of this website.
Westfield Hospital Commissions New Painting
New Richmond, Wisconsin, November 2010

Westfield Hospital has commissioned a new painting by Ron Merchant for their newly remodeled reception area.
The painting, "Wisconsin Shade" captures the peacefulness of a sunny day overlooking the lake. Figures enjoy the
shade while a strolling dog walker enters the scene to share in the early fall season.

Wisconsin Shade
oil on canvas, 36" x 60"
Merchant Selected as finalist for 2011 Minnesota State Fair Poster
                St. Paul, Minnesota, November 2010

                 For the first time ever, the Minnesota State Fair has asked local artists to submit ideas for the official
                 commemorative art of the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Oil painter, Ron Merchant, has been selected
                 from a  field of 80 applicants to be one of five finalists to create sketches or near-complete artwork of their
                 visual interpretation of the fair. A stipend of $300.00 will be paid to each finalist to help prepare their work.

                 A final decision will be announced by January 21, 2011, to allow for completion by March 4th, 2011.
.  Sanford Heart Hospital
.  commissions paintings

    Sanford Heart Hospital has selected Ron Merchant to create a
    series of paintings for inclusion in their new hospital located in
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

    The new oil paintings will be installed in the waiting, family and
    respite rooms throughout the hospital. The paintings will offer
    positive distraction and familiar, comforting imagery of people
    in serene outdoor settings.

    The project is being coordinated by Oland Arts Consulting
    located in Sioux Falls, and is scheduled to be completed
    by November, 2011.

Phillips Avenue North
24" x 30", oil on canvas
Street Walkers II
16" x 20", oil on canvas
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